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Are we out of the woods yet?
Especially important right now
  • Judge Roberto Mendoza: You pull all the strings you want, Toby, but not for me. Come Monday, I'm gonna avail myself of the criminal justice system for which I have worked my entire adult life.
  • Toby Ziegler: Judge, due respect. Get your things and let's go.
  • Judge Roberto Mendoza: [angrily] My kid was in the car, Toby. They patted me down and they handcuffed me in front of my nine-year-old boy. Then he and his mother got to see them put me in the squad car and drive away.
  • Toby Ziegler: He's also seen you wearing a robe with a gavel in your hand.
  • Judge Roberto Mendoza: He doesn't understand that. He doesn't know what that is. He understands what the police are because he watches television. That's what he's gonna remember, his father being handcuffed. So America just got another pissed-off guy with dark skin.

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